Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C Review

Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

The Perky Pet Copper Panorama Wild Bird Feeder will surely be a welcome addition to your garden, whether you are looking to attract wild birds, or simply want an eye-catching piece to add to your garden decor.


  • Copper Finish. This cylindrically shaped bird feeder has its lid and base made of metal with a striking copper finish. The seeds are neatly held within a clear plastic tube.
  • Feeder design.
    • This bird feeder has a perch at the base designed to go all the way around, which allows the birds to share and perch on any part while feeding from multiple angles.
    • The tube is clear, allowing you to check on the seed level at a glance even from afar.
    • Seeds are held on a shallow tray at the bottom while you replenish the birdseed tube from the top. This ensures that no seeds will linger at the bottom and turn bad, as older seeds are always eaten first.
    • As the birds feast on seeds in the shallow tray, the bird feeder is designed to automatically replenish seeds into the tray so that it remains constantly full.
    • Spillage and waste are also prevented, as the feeder is designed to automatically stop dispensing seeds once the tray is full.
    • The base can hold up to 2 pounds of a variety of seeds.
  • SureLock cap system. This patented feature ensures that when you close the lid, the lid locks into place. so squirrels will not have any access to the seeds meant for the birds.


  • The circular perch design allows for a number of birds to feed at the same time with its multiple access points for feeding.
  • The SureLock cap system prevents squirrels from getting into the fresh seed stash meant for the birds. The lid also keeps the seeds inside stay fresh.
  • The design in which the seeds are taken from the bottom of the canister ensures that the seeds are always fresh, and that older seeds placed inside the canister will always be dispensed first. They will not mix with the newer ones at the top.
  • It has a stop mechanism that halts the dispensing of seeds once the tray is full. This effectively avoids wasting seeds and spillage.
  • The copper finish design is elegant and stylish, and can easily fit into any garden design.


  • The metal is only copper finished, which eventually rusts after some time.
  • Some users who reviewed this product still had issues concerning innovative squirrels who gained access with the seeds. Some reported squirrels swinging the bird feeder to spill the seeds out of the shallow tray.
  • According to some reviews, the feeder is more suitable for smaller birds only, since the perch is quite close to the tray.
  • Some users had problems with how the tray is designed, writing that spillage is to be expected when the feeder is hit by a gust of wind.


You may consider purchasing this wild bird feeder if you are fond of small birds and also not very particular to how long the feeder would last, since it is expected to rust after some time. The circular perch is an attractive feature for a look at different birds eating at the same time.

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